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Time has been flying by lately. And without even noticing December has arrived, which means it is time to get into the Christmas spirit.
Lucky you, because we have just the right things to do so!

On the 1st of December we transformed our website to make you feel like you're in the coziest place on the whole world wide web. We also opened our Holiday gift shop which is the best place to get your loved ones or yourself the perfect gift! 'Cause December at Wildthings is the month to sparkle!
This year we have a very festive month in store for you, so buckle up and let's get on our wild Christmas sleigh, or should we say slay?

Holiday gift shop

We welcome you to our holiday gift shop!

To make shopping for your loved ones a little bit easier we've created 8 different giftsets to add to our holiday gift shop. All these sets have different themes to fit every kind of personality, so success is guaranteed! All these boxes come with a gift box, so the only thing you'll have to do is add a nice personalized postcard to your shopping cart and wrap it in some nice wrapping paper and you're done! 
The best part about it is that all the giftsets have a 30% discount, so nothing could be holding you back!
Be quick because this is a one time, December only, deal and will only be available while stocks last!

If your special someone wishes for something else from our website don't forget to add the giftbox to your shopping cart so it will arrive ready to gift.

If you're not really sure what your loved one would like or if your love for them is still a little secret you can always play it safe by getting them a giftcard so they can choose for themselves! 

Have a warm, lovely and a little wild Christmas! 


Team Wild ♡ 

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