After already two years the team has changed a lot, however, our common love for jewelry has stayed the same. So this is us: 6 jewelry lovers, working hard behind the scenes from both Amsterdam and Lisbon.

With two new interns every 6 months and a common love for travel running through our veins, the team is constantly changing which keeps our perspectives wild and fresh to have you, our customer, experience Wildthings Collectables in the best way.

Together with our founder Leanne Jacometti we have a brand manager, a B2B sales manager, an allround creative and two interns; one creative content and one for online marketing and e-commerce working for Wildthings Collectables.

Enough chitchat, let's get to introducing Team Wild!

Leanne Jacometti 

Founder since 2016
Age: 34 years old
Based in: Lisbon, Portugal
Favorite piece from The Tropics - FW22: Bali coin necklace, because it is suitable for both silver and gold jewelry lovers.
Is partly Indonesian and can't live without Nasi Campur • Is a mom of two of the cutest kids • Is a tiny bit of a workaholic (so she has heard) • Is perhaps a bit dyslexic • Feels naked when she forgets to wear her rings • Is slightly addicted to jigsaw puzzles in the winter season • Has a guilty pleasure for smoked cheese.

Amber Kuijer

Brand manager ad int. since September 2022
Age: 31 years old
Based in: Eemnes, the Netherlands
Favorite piece from The Tropics - FW22: Snake chain bracelet gold plated, because it goes perfectly with the rest of my jewelry.
Is happiest walking bare feet on the beach • Dreams of living on an island with a lovely husband • Loves white crispy sheets • Likes strolling around in Amsterdam with a coffee to go • Is afraid of snakes and even slugs • You can find her on the tennis court blowing off some steam. 

Madalena Calça e Pina

Allround Creative since april 2022
Age: 23 years old 
Based in: Lisbon, Portugal
Favorite piece from The Tropics - FW22: Snake chain necklace gold plated, because it is the perfect staple to wear on its own or to mix and match with other necklaces.
Is addicted to looking at recipes that she never cooks • Is an amateur ceramist • Has more than 100 albums created on Pinterest • Is floating from a minimalist to a maximalist style every week • Is the secret twin of the Disney princess Mulan • Could dance 24 hours a day. 

Yente Friederichs

B2B sales manager since September 2022
E-commerce and online marketing intern from February 2022 till July 2022
Age: 20 years old 
Based in: Santpoort, the Netherlands
Favorite piece from The Tropics - FW22: Palm trunk ring gold plated, because it is the perfect addition to her Wildthings ring collection.
Has watched the series Friends at least 7 times • Is a bit of a book-nerd • Only likes cheese when melted • Is the biggest perfectionist you’ll ever meet • Plays a bit of guitar • Is secretly obsessed with Gin & Tonics • Will watch every soccer match of Ajax and the Dutch national team • Knows the lyrics to every Taylor Swift song.

Indy Mulder 

Creative intern since September 2022
Age: 24 years old
Based in: Hoofddorp, the Netherlands
Favorite piece from The Tropics - FW22: Small bar necklace gold plated, because it's a minimalistic item which lays in a pretty and subtle way on your chest. 
Wants to become a hot mom with a range rover • Loves English rap • Is scared of goats • Could eat pasta vongole for breakfast, lunch and diner • Loves spending time in Sephora but not buying a thing • Is a sucker for Scandinavia • Loves exploring the world, in 2 years she will finally go to Australia. 

Jente Hamminga 

E-commerce and Online Marketing intern since June 2022
Age: 22 years old

Based in: Amersfoort & Groningen, the Netherlands
Favorite piece from The Tropics - FW22: Pearl leaf earring gold plated, because it makes a pretty statement while still being very versatile. 
Gets mesmerized by pretty sunrises and sunsets • Has an unreasonable fear of mice • Dreams of living abroad • Is never not watching series or listening podcasts • Has undiagnosed ADHD • Lived on her own for 3 years but can’t cook • Seems to have a little espresso martini’s addiction • Loves playing padel on the weekends.


Team Wild

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