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Most asked questions.

What payment methods does Wildthings accept? 
We accept Ideal, American Express, Maestro, Mastercard, PayPal and Visa

How long does shipping take?
That depends on where you live. 
The Netherlands ± 2 business days.
Belgium, Luxembourg & Germany ± 5 business days.
Spain ± 5 business days.
Italy ± 5 business days. 
UK ± 5 business days
Europe ± 10 business days.
World ± 20 business days

Does my order fit through the mailbox?
Yes it does. For orders to the Netherlands we deliver them in your mailbox.
For the rest of the orders someone needs to sign for it.

How do I return my order?

  1. Fill out the note included in the package stating your name, order number and reason of return.
  2. We will refund your money within 14 business days.
  3. Send your package to the following address: 
    Wildthings / Sipack
    De trompet 1217
    1967 DA Heemskerk
    The Netherlands 

Can I exchange my order?
For exchange you can return the order as stated above and order the right product on our website. After we receive the return we will refund your money within 14 business days. 

When will my return get refunded?
You will receive an email when have handled your return. From then on we will refund your money within 14 business days. 

Will the gold jewellery turn silver?
The gold items are brass on the inside and 18 karat gold plated.
Our gold plating is beautifully thick and of the best quality we could make.
Because of the brass the items will not turn silver. 
However, some gold items are made of sterling silver with an 18k gold plating, this is stated in the description of each item. 

Are the silver jewellery real silver?
All the silver Wildthings items are made of 100% sterling silver. 

What if I loose my jewellery?
Unfortunately we can’t do much when you loose an item. Unless you have some kind of prove left that it might broke while you were wearing it. 

What if my Wildthings item breaks?
Send a photo to: service@wildthings-collectables.com together with your order number. We have a two month guarantee time but we take every complain very serieus and look at every case how we can help you. 

How do I keep my jewellery shiny?
As it’s certainly tempting to wear your Wildthings Jewellery all the time, we recommend removing when doing any of the following activities excessively:

  • Gold plated jewelry does not have the same characteristics as solid gold. It is water resistant, however, overexposure to water may wear off the plating faster. For long-lasting plating, we advise removing jewelry when showering, swimming and exercising.
  • Avoid interaction with harsh chemicals found in hot tubs and cleaning products.

Scratches and user marks may occur on the plating and sterling silver pieces.
You can use a silver cloth to clean your silver jewellery. 
For our gold plated items, just be careful with cleaning items, since it wears off the plating.

I have sensitive ears, can I wear your earrings?
Everyone reacts different. We know that most people can wear silver al day everyday. If you have sensitive ears we would recommend to stick to sterling silver. When you really want to wear gold plated items. Make sure to take them off before bedtime.

Will my rings make my fingers turn green?
Brass may have an effect on your skin. That being said, everyone reacts differently to metals.

How often do you restock? 
We don’t have a standard time that our stock gets restocked. When something is sold out we communicate this to our factory in Bali. When they collected a lot of items we will get them to our logistic centre in the Netherlands. We try to limit our stock replenishments to a few times a year. You can always email us about when a new stock will arrive. 

Can I order an item in solid gold?
For most of our items this is possible. Send us an email at: service@wildthings-collectables.com and we will discuss the details.