We live in this insanely pretty but very vulnerable world. We, therefore, have to be very careful with what we do to it. Because Wildthings Collectables doesn't want to contribute to damaging the beautiful flora and fauna this world has to offer we want to encourage you to do the same! 
That's why we want to introduce to you: Wildthings Collectables' Green Week.

Green Week 

Instead of offering big discounts and generating huge amounts of sales by joining Black Friday we've decided to do things completely differently this year: we are doing a Green Week!
Green Week is all about giving back to the environment.

We believe that Black Friday stimulates consumers to over-consume which results in bad bargains and a lot of returns. This causes a lot of waste and unnecessary traffic. Therefore, we don't want to contribute to this phenomena. 

Instead we want to encourage you, our customer, to do good and help us make a change.
That's why we will donate 20% of our profit from the 25th 'till the 27th of November to The Ocean Cleanup.
The Ocean Cleanup is an organization dedicated to cleaning up plastic waste from rivers and the ocean.

Next to donating 20% of our profit to a good environmental cause, team wild will also be picking up waste from te beach for a day. 

Sustainability and ethics

We strive to make the route your jewelry makes as sustainable as possible, here's what we already do to be as loving to the environment as we can.

Our manufacturers

Each of our individual, from Amsterdam designed, pieces is carefully made by craftsmen and craftswomen. They are educated and pass on their knowledge within their families for decades.
Because we value good working conditions all our craftsmen and craftswomen work during regular working hours, get paid a fair wage, get maternity leave and have access to daycare.  

Our materials

With climate change in mind all our jewelry is made from 100% recycled silver and 60% recycled brass. 
All production waste is professionally destroyed as we do not want it to end up in Balinese nature.
The gold of our solid gold items is internally recovered from the plating process of our regular items. The gold is recovered from the plating jigs and then cleaned. This way we don’t waste the gold used during the making process of the gold plated items.

Whenever we discuss our items for new collections we often get send samples of these items to see whether we are completely satisfied with the designs. If we are not fully happy yet with the designs we still sell the items on one of our sample sales. This way the items still make a lot of jewelry lovers very happy and they don't have to be thrown away. 

Our packaging

All our jewelry is shipped CO2 neutrally to your homes. We use recycled packaging, tape, and filling materials. All the boxes we use are FSC certified, meaning they come from responsibly managed forests and are protected on a social and environmental level. 

Loyal customers

Loyalty program

If you didn't know already we are the proud owners of a loyalty program. It's called 'The Wild rewards program'. This program is our way of showing our appreciation to you!

By referring a friend to Wildthings Collectables, making an order or leaving a review and in many other ways you can collect wild points which you can later redeem for wild rewards. 

These rewards vary from discount vouchers and sometimes free products.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up here!

Wild green offer

During our Green Week we want to give back to the environment, but also to our loyal customers. 
That's why you'll get 500 points for every order you make, on top of your regular points from the 21st 'till the 27th of November.

We love having you ♥

Team Wild

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