At Wildthings, many of us consider Bali as our second home. Because the island is still having a hard time due to COVID-19, we would love to give Bali our support again. Last year we supported Bali by selling face masks and donated 100% of the sales to families who were struggling in this crisis. As the island has still not opened it's doors to tourism we want to continue supporting the local community  with some positive vibes. That’s why we came up with a brand new capsule collection called: 'SMILE FOR BALI' where 10% of the profit will go to Project Nasi. 

Project Nasi
Project Nasi is an amazing charity project based in Bali. The project supplies food and essentials to communities in need and helps them to get through the COVID-19 crisis. In 2019 we also supported Project Nasi by donating proceeds from our flagshipstore in Bali to the cause. We are still impressed by their good work. Since the start they have already provided more than 400,000 meals to families in need.

Current situation
The end of the COVID-19 crisis is approaching, but that doesn’t mean that our help is no longer needed. Nearly all of Bali’s population, which consists of 4 million people are either directly or indirectly depending on tourism. Most of Bali’s residents have now lost their jobs or are on leave without pay. The mission of Project Nasi is to alleviate the stress for locals in Bali. The project makes this all possible by collecting cash- and food donations for families in need. They also purchase from a wide range of local suppliers to help support existing businesses. This is really important because even if the boarders will open again, it will take a long time for the inhabitants of the island to recover. 

Because we couldn’t agree more with the mission of Project Nasi, we decided to donate 10% of the profit from the ‘SMILE FOR BALI’ collection to them. In this way you can wear some smiley bling while supporting Bali.

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