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  Ha! Now you finally get to see the faces behind Wildthings. This is us. Just a bunch of ladies with typical traits, crazy habits & guilty pleasures. Like every girl has.
In our first blog we already told you a bit more about our founder Leanne Jacometti. Currently it is not her working on the company, but six other jewelry freaks who are helping her out. The team consists of an e-commerce manager, Leanne her personal assistant, a B2B sales manager, a project manager and two interns: creative & e-commerce. Besides this 'girl-boss team' we work with many other freelancers and companies. Like our Facebook guru, the best packaging team in the world, our sales agents in multiple countries and of course our sweet Balinese flagship store staff. 

As you can hear, Wildthings grew from a one man show to a crew of creative and enthusiastic people.

So let’s introduce the Wildthings team!

Leanne Jacometti
Age: 32 years old (oldest of the pack)
Founder since 2016
Based: in Lisbon, Amsterdam and Bali
Favorite piece of jewelry: Captivated cloud necklace, as it was the most challenging and fun to design and create 
Is partly Indonesian and can not live without Nasi Campur • Is happiest walking bare feet on the beach • After one year of intense surfing she still really sucks • A tiny bit workaholic (so she has heard) • Always Thinking in images instead of text • Feels naked when she forgets to wear her rings • Slightly addicted to jigsaw puzzles in the winter •

Robin Dunnink


Age: Will turn 28 within a month
E-commerce manager and including her internship working at Wildthings for 2,5 years now
Based: in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Favorite piece of jewelry: Double trouble in solid gold, because it lasts forever
Is the happiest on a cold but sunny day (-1•C with sun is the definition of perfection) • She’s a sucker for a good glass of wine at a cosy terras on a Sunday noon (or every noon) • Slightly OCD • Always positive • Drinks her celery juice everyday • Has a hard time telling a story with a good flow • Forever obsessing over a pair of good polished nails • Has an eye for detail • Animal Lover •

Kayleigh Bergwerff

Age: 31 years old
Personal Assistant (a.o. marketing/administration) at Wildthings, started September 2020 
Based: in Lisbon, Portugal
Favorite piece of jewelry: Double trouble silver ring, a subtle eyecatcher

Free adventurer • Uses music and dancing as her Prozac • Networking is her middle name • She is not kidding when she says humor should be taken very seriously in life • Expresses herself better on paper • Enthusiastic with inexhaustible energy • Has an eye for valuable publications and entertaining content • Makes a jump of joy when food is being served in South East Asia, so now she tries to cook it herself •
Loves to see other people happy 

Nienke Harsta

Age: 22 years old (will turn 23 in 2020, sounds way less young)
Project manager for a few projects and working for Wildthings since February 2020
Based: in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Favorite piece of jewelry: Bombshell bracelet in gold, eye-catcher but not too much. Love it.
She is not a fan of cheese • Can never leave her nail polish on for longer than 2 days • Is a jewelry freak since forever • Has a few tattoos and can’t wait to get more • Happiest when eating • Eager to always work towards the best results • Is probably not always listening while you speak because she has her headphones on • Enthusiastic • Not that wild as her t-shirt indicates 


Fleur Withagen
Age: 26 years old 
Sales executive and after a short break back since July this year (yay!)
Based: in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Favorite piece of jewelry: The triple pinky band in gold,
it always suits the other pieces of jewelry that I am wearing.
You can wake her up for a good piece of blue cheese and a glass of wine • Dreams of exploring Europe in a camper • Has a good sense of Brabant humor • She tries to make as many sustainable choices as possible • You can find her in the kitchen if she has any spare time •  Has very organized Spotify playlists •

Marissa Smit
Age: 21 years old 
E-commerce Intern and started in September 2020
Based: in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Favorite piece of jewelry: Matisse necklace in gold
She’s always eating avocado on toast • Likes traveling and is hoping to make a big trip at the end of next year • Most of her nights she uses a sleeprecorder to record all silly noises she makes • I always use a lot of ‘!!!!!!’ • Overenthusiastic I guess? • She can’t wink (and also she cannot whistle) • Is a fan of mixing gold and silver jewelry • Never leaves the house without fleeky eyebrows • Has a guilty pleasure on love island with Rebecca

Rebecca Thuys
Age: 20 years old (yep, that young)  
Creative intern and started in September 2020
Based: in Amsterdam, The Netherlands 
Favorite piece of jewelry: The fleur pinky ring in gold
She’s half Italian but doesn’t like pesto • Has a passion for analog photography • Loves vintage shopping • Is scared during flights • Can’t dance (she’s a bit stiff) • Wants to wear clothing other people do not have • Has a little fear of contamination • Makes mean illustrations • Wears at least 4 necklaces • Always discuss the new updates on Love island with Marissa

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  • Nice to see who’s working behind this beautiful brand. Love the illustrations!


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