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Hi there wild thing,

Waaaah, welcome to our very first blogpost. Welcome to the wonderful wild world. Ever since Wildthings Collectables started, it has been growing. And we would love to continue doing so. So when one of our most recent researches showed us that you would love more fun and content on our website we decided to spice things up. With this blog we would love to address topics that we feel passionate about and which drove us to where we are now.

We will address four main topics here, in which we will present different types of content. So whether you are looking for inspiration or just want to have a laugh, you’ve come to the right place. This platform will also be a place where we talk about what we stand for, what is important to us and what is going in on in the world. We will start the conversation with other companies and share our own experiences. We’re also enthusiastic about showing you some behind the footage and insights on our team and the way we work. Content comes in as many forms as possible, whether it’s a funny meme or a video about jewelry hacks.

We take you with us through our wild world and you are more than welcome to join the ride. We would show us the wild world in the way we are living it.


Wildthings Collectables