Nicole Huisman X Wildthings Collectables: The queen of styling

The queen of styling!

 Stylist, creative and beauty junkie: Nicole Huisman is a great source of inspiration for us. Vogue, Elle & Glamor are just a few of the many big names she has worked for. We admit, she is kind of like a girlcrush to us. Fortunately that love is mutual. Nicole wears our Wildthings a lot. We are proud of it!

Nicole has a special predilection for Yin & Yang, so there is a good chance that you have already seen our Yin Yang collection on her Instagram. This jewelry is inspired by the Chinese philosophy: Yin & Yang represents two opposite forces that attract and complement each other in order to achieve harmony.

The Yin Yang items are here to find your inner balance. Wear these ‘attention-grabbing gems’ to have your daily reminder that there is duality in EVERYTHING.