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Hi, welcome to Wildthings Collectables

Have you ever met something really wild? We meetdifferent people everyday with a sparkle as commonground. Sometimes we flirt, sometimes we don’t.Attention can be raw and edgy, but most of all thereshould be some attention for detail. A little freckle, ashoestring, a one piece earring: it’s the inborn tastethat distinguishes us. The details. The Wildthings.

Have you ever met such a wild thing?

 Sorry we ask you again, but we just want you to think about it. have you ever touched it? or has it ever touched you? you know what jewellery does to a girl. wildthings are contagious. so you better be prepared.

We’re Wildthings, a jewellery company inspired by the
tough and sweet girls. Amsterdam designed pieces
made with real craftsmanship in Bali.

Handmade in Bali

Our jewelry is made in Bali and inspired by special places, art and nature from all over the world. Sketches on paper are made in Amsterdam, after which the design is discussed with craftsmen in Bali to ensure the creation of refined jewelry.

The pieces are created by local women and men who have been educated and passed on knowledge within their families for decades. We value good working conditions and the health of our craftsmen. That’s why, in our company, they work during regular working hours, recieve a fair wage, get maternity leave and have acces to daycare.

When it comes to sustainability, our silver pieces are made from recycled silver and our gold material is sourced at certified companies. All production waist is professionally destroyed as it may not end up in the balinese nature. As you can see many people are involved in the process of creating our unique jewelry that will make you wild.

About the founder

When I started Wildthings in 2016 I wanted to make jewellery an element of personal style and a way of expressing yourself. A way to show your wild side.

With Indonesian roots and my love for Bali I wanted to work with the local craftsmen to create unique and edgy pieces.

- Leanne Jacometti