Green is the new black: The better choice 

Join us in making a change!

Just like last year, we're choosing the greener option. This year, as a way of directly challenging the over-consumption caused by Black Friday and the following weekend sales, we will be participating in Green Friday. We believe that Black Friday only perpetuates excess consumption that the fast-fashion industry thrives on, where customers are encouraged to disregard the quality of their products because of huge reductions. But, we want to inspire our Wild Babes’ to buy our pieces because there is genuine care and passion behind the jewellery they purchase, with no cut-back on quality. So, rather than joining brands offering large discounts, for every item purchased on the 24th of November, our Green day, we’ll be donating all of our profit to Doctors Without Borders. With some of the events happening around the world right now, we believe social impact is just as important as environmental action, and any reason is a good one to donate to a charity that provides impartial humanitarian aid to countries very much in need of it right now. To care for our people is to care for our planet. 

Choose small and slow

We believe that as a small brand, every purchase made contributes to our small team, and the continual success of Wildthings. With every order we receive we do a little happy dance at the office. So, whether it's buying a little something pretty for yourself this weekend, or finding gifts for friends and loved ones, contributing to a slow-fashion jewellery brand is an ethical, greener choice, where quality is prioritised. 

Our most sustainable future 

We also thought that with Green Friday becoming more popular and recognised as a sustainable choice for conscious consumption, it would be the perfect weekend to release our updated, detailed sustainability and ethics report. Driven by our motivation to become a better-sustainable company, this weekend we will not only be donating our sales to Doctors Without Borders, but we’ll be better informing our lovely customers on how our pieces are made, whilst also providing information on the craftsmanship behind your fave jewellery brand. With this we will be introducing the idea of our Today & Tomorrow sustainability roadmap for the future, which will be later released in early 2024 as a way of promising better sustainable practices, because there is always room to improve…  So stay tuned on our website, Instagram and TikTok, for all things green and good this weekend. 
We hope you're as excited as us!

Team Wild x

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